Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at my work!

Building this website means so much to me, because it’s another step forward to pursue my goals. As a 27-year-old travel enthusiast from a small country that Czech Republic is, I heard many times that I am „too late in the game“, dreaming „too big“. 
Taking photos and videos is not only about the final product, the whole process reflects my life, my passions, my personality. I always put Me into everything I capture/edit and so doing it with no matter what people say is also part of the journey, part of my work. 

Working with me means putting Your journey into the project as well, going into the shooting with an open mind and showcasing not just a product, accommodation or the person’s appearance, but the whole authentic story behind it, the vision you’ve been working on, just as I am working on mine. 

If you would like to get creative together just send an email to kristy.kovacsova@gmail.com